I’m amazed at how quickly I see life changing around me. New ways of working, new ways to do business, new ways of sharing and new ways to connect. I remember playing on my old Commodore 64 not that many years ago (or so it seems). Now I carry around an iPhone and MacBook Pro in my satchel nearly everywhere I go. My nephews have grown up having never known life without the internet.

Working out of Hub Melbourne; talking with other members of the Social Change Collaboratory; conversations I’m having on twitter, and things I’m seeing on the web make it clear that people are also starting to take action to build a world that’s new. Tired of valueless systems, restrictive processes and wasteful practices, people are creating new systems and platforms that are beginning to make the old way redundant and the constant struggle against them largely unneccesary.

A new world, a new way of being and a new of doing. With purpose and meaning.

In the last few weeks I’ve come across some brilliant new platforms and initiatives that have the potential to boost the mission of social entrepreneurs and change agents around the world. Of these my favourites are:

I feel lucky to be living in this day and age, and while the world isn’t perfect, the resources we have access to and the experiences we are lucky to have, make these days pretty remarkable.

What trends, programs or platforms have you seen recently that you find remarkable?