The EcoCity Food Forum and Lightning Talks have been made possible thanks to the generous support of the following organisations (and numerous volunteers).

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The City of Melbourne, as a council, oversees Melbourne’s city centre and several inner suburbs. As a capital-city council, it also speaks on behalf of Melbourne in local, national and international forums.

Melbourne is world-renowned for the quality of its food and its liveability, and City of Melbourne want it to stay that way; we want to make sure that everyone in Melbourne can enjoy good food, now and reliably into the future. To find out more about City of Melbourne efforts to encourage healthy, sustainable food systems click here. Connect with City of Melbourne’s sustainability news and programs on Twitter at @EcoCityForum

Hub Melbourne

Hub Melbourne is a professional member community that drives innovation through collaboration. Our community consists of individuals and organisations from small to big business, government to education and freelancer to community. We have a unique and creative innovation space in the CBD, which our members can opt to use to cowork or host events or meetings.

Hub Melbourne are kindly providing one of their valued hosting staff for the day. Learn more about Hub Melbourne membership and  check out upcoming events here. Connect with the team on Twitter at @HubMelbourne

kinfolk cafeKinfolk is a social enterprise, we re-direct 100% of our profits between 4 development projects in Australia and abroad and up to 30 volunteers assist in the café each week.

Kinfolk Café cuisine is all about simplicity and seasonal produce. We aim to create meals that are wholesome, nourishing and reflective of our overall ethos, that being conscious consumption. We buy locally (often directly from the farmer), use organic, biodynamic and fair-trade products where possible and so are able to create fresh and lovingly-crafted recipes. Discover what’s on the menu at Kinfolk here.

Kinfolk Café will be producing a special feast for us from food provided by EcoCity Food Forum participants. If you’d like find out more about how you might contribute to the day’s meals you can do so here. You can connect with these good folk on Twitter at @kinfolk_cafe


CrowdSpot’s mission is to help create quality public spaces in a social, inclusive and engaging process. We do this by connecting decision makers with targeted community groups through the use of our online engagement tool.
We create customised online maps that enable people to easily contribute input on geographic locations.  People can either add spots to a location with a description and image or alternatively vote, share or comment on existing spots. By working together to capture our collective knowledge we can make decisions that reflect the priorities and views of the community.
CrowdSpot have provided generously put together a map especially for the EcoCity Food Forum to map community gardens, farms and farmer markets around Melbourne. Find out more about CrowdSpot here and connect with them on Twitter at @crowd_spot