Passing the Relay Baton

The business of community sport is changing and getting people active through sport is becoming more challenging.

Lifestyle changes, shifting work-life balance and diversifying entertainment options have contributed to major shifts in how, when and where people want to play sport and get active. Consumers are demanding more individualised and flexible participation options. Advances in technology, social media and the rise of fitness products are allowing people to connect, consume and participate in sport and physical activity on their own terms.

At the same time Australia is facing an inactivity crisis. Not enough people are physically active and Australians’ health and well being is suffering. Funding bodies, government agencies and commercial partners are looking for innovative and impactful responses. There is a demand for ideas that can get more people active, more often and in a more cost effective manner.

Cutting edge thinking, innovation and collaborative approaches are required to ensure community sport remains relevant, sport organisations are sustainable and more Victorians enjoy the substantial health, well being and social inclusion benefits that come from getting active through sport.

Doing Something Good are working with Vicsport and VicHealth to design and deliver a series of activities over 2015 aimed at building the capacity of the sport and active recreation industry to respond to this rapidly changing marketplace and develop cutting edge ideas to get more people active through sport.

The Forward Thinking Series will provide opportunities for state sport associations, regional sport assemblies and local government teams to connect with start-ups, social entrepreneurs and leading thinkers in and outside the sport industry. The Forward Thinking Series will bring together leaders from the fields of sport and physical activity to examine emerging thinking in domains as diverse as service design, technology, social enterprise, communications and community development.

Participants will learn about how they can design and deliver engaging and sustainable service offerings, how to think and work together more effectively, and how they can identify and capitalise on emerging opportunities now, and in to the future.

Learn more about the Forward Thinking Series here.