Join us for the 2018 Asia Pacific Presencing Foundation Program in beautiful Fremantle, W.A. from 9-13 July, and upgrade your ability to lead and facilitate profound change —  with your team, your organisation or your community.

Theory U: A Framework and Methodology for Profound Change

For organisations and individuals working to solve society’s biggest challenges, it has become clear that their complex and interconnected nature requires new approaches, new ways of thinking, and new tools and technologies to address them successfully. These interwoven social, environmental, and economic challenges require collaborative, human-centred, evidence-based approaches and a way to think and act both systemically and locally.

For more than two decades Dr. Otto Scharmer, has pioneered, developed and tested such approaches and techniques with organisations and communities all around the world, bringing together leaders and changemakers from across the not-for-profit, government and corporate sectors, and helping them to tap into their highest individual and collective potential to solve complex problems collaboratively. The result of this work is Theory U — a ground-breaking framework and methodology for learning, leading, innovating, and enabling profound systems change — first published in 2009 in his book, Theory U: Leading from the Future as it Emerges (now translated into 20 languages).

For more than 10 years, through its immersive four-day Presencing Foundation Programs in the United States and Europe, the Presencing Institute has trained hundreds of leaders and changemakers in how to apply the principles and practices of Theory U and Presencing to leading or facilitating change in their own organisations or communities. This year however, for the first time, the Presencing Institute are bringing the Presencing Foundation Program to our part of the world.

The Centre for Social Impact at UWA are hosting the first ever Asia-Pacific Presencing Foundation Program from 9—13 July in beautiful Fremantle, Western Australia.

Register by Friday 4 May to secure your place in this game-changing program, and take advantage of the discounted EARLY-BIRD RATE.


The Theory U framework and methodology draws from Dr. Otto Scharmer’s work with leading academics and practitioners from the fields of organisational development, systems thinking, action research, design thinking, movement building and mindfulness, over more than 20 years.

Through his work at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and through the Presencing Institute which he co-founded in 2006, Otto has collaborated with numerous other pioneers in their fields including Peter Senge, Joseph Jaworski, Edgar Schein, Donald Schön, Chris Argyris and Kurt Lewin.

In recent years, in addition to teaching Theory U to more than 100,000 participants through the innovative u.Lab program, Otto and his colleagues at the Presencing Institute have worked with the Scottish and Dutch governments to implement the Theory U methodology in their work bringing organisations and individuals from across the government, not-for-profit and business sectors together to tackle systemic social, environmental and economic challenges.

This a rare opportunity to participate in a Presencing Foundation Program in Australia, and a unique opportunity to learn directly from Presencing Institute co-founder Otto Scharmer. The Asia-Pacific Presencing Foundation Program will be presented by senior Presencing Institute instructors Marian Goodman and Arawana Hayashi, with Otto Scharmer joining us as a special guest for day one of the four-day intensive program.

Join us for the Asia Pacific Presencing Foundation Program in Fremantle this July, and you will get to:

  • Learn from global leaders: Presencing Institute Co-Founder Dr Otto Scharmer (USA), and lead facilitators Marian Goodman (South Africa), and Arawana Hayashi (USA)
  • See and experience the principles and practices of Theory U and Presencing in action
  • Discover how the Theory U framework can help you and your team navigate complex issues more effectively
  • Learn how Theory U provides a framework and methodology for collaborative sense-making and decision-making, codesign and collective action
  • Find out how to identify and shift our individual and collective blind spots and more consciously and strategically take action that will achieve the outcomes you really want
  • Discover how we can shift our quality of attention and awareness to improve our individual and collective capacity to respond to change and challenges
  • Gain an understanding of how we can shift from a current reality that is driven by the past to an emerging future that is inspired by our highest individual and collective potential
  • Learn how to effectively hold the space to transform the quality of conversation from debate to dialogue and enable collective creativity and action

Through interactive presentations, individual and group reflective exercises, peer-to-peer coaching processes, and awareness-based embodiment practices, you will learn and develop the kinds of leadership capabilities that bring out the best in any group, team, organisation, or community.

Join us for this practical, dynamic and inspiring program and you’ll leave with:

  • A framework and methodology for bringing key stakeholders together around a shared purpose, and enable them to collaboratively design and implement innovative solutions to shared challenges
  • A toolkit of methods, processes, activities and materials that build alignment, trust and understanding in groups and provide a container for building and leading high performing teams
  • An upgrade of your ability to connect with your internal source of inspiration, ideas and insights
  • A guide to practicing deeper levels of listening and conversation that will enable you and others to connect profoundly, gain deep insights and experience more generative outcomes
  • The knowledge and experience of how to facilitate a powerful group coaching process that has the potential to transform the relationships of coworkers, team mates, and collaborators and provide insights into effectively dealing with significant challenges
  • A range of simple and practical ways you can bring the principles and practices of Theory U into your work, your organisation or your community straight away
  • Membership to a growing Theory U community of practice in Australia, connected to a global network of thousands of practitioners all around the world

Who Should Apply

Leaders who want to bring out the best in their organisation, team, group or community, and individuals tasked with leading profound change and institutional innovation initiatives. This includes executives, line managers, internal and external organisational development professionals, group work facilitators and entrepreneurs working within organisations.

Register with a colleague, your whole team or a client and not only will you share an experience that will significantly upgrade your ability to think, act and create together, you’ll also have the benefit of developing a shared understanding of the Theory U framework, tools and practices to apply to current and future projects together.

Program Details

DATE & TIME: 6pm Monday 9 July —1.30pm Friday 13 July
LOCATION: Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle
Standard Early Bird: $4,500
Not-for-Profit Early Bird: $3,500
Standard: $4,900
Not-for-Profit: $3,700

*Fees include GST, course materials and all meals. Early Bird seats are limited, and end latest on May 4, 2018 or upon complete subscription of the Early Bird contingent.

Register today

Don’t miss this special opportunity to learn from a dynamic and inspiring team of presenters, with decades of experience leading and facilitating transformative change in organisations and communities all around the world. Registrations are strictly limited so get in quick to secure your place.

Learn more about the 2018 Asia Pacific Presencing Foundation Program and REGISTER HERE.

What past participants have said about the Presencing Foundation Program

“Attending the Presencing Foundation Program  in Berlin last year provided me with the opportunity to develop a deep, embodied understanding of Theory U and the  practical tools that accompany it. As a facilitator, it was a wonderful chance to observe the impressive quality of presence and skill of the workshop leaders and in turn to reflect on and refine my own practice.”
~ Dr Renu Burr, The University of Western Australia
“The Foundation Program heightened my learning from U.Lab and formed relationships that will last a lifetime. It’s like joining a jazz band. Each time you show up something more happens—you learn a new note, you complement others more powerfully, and you understand the foundations of your work more deeply. For me, doing both programs anchored Theory U in my heart, my mind and my work—making things even more connected, personal and alive.”
~ Susan Berg, Pennsylvania, USA
“The PFP enabled me 4 full days in my calendar to fully immerse myself in learning about Theory U and practising the various methodologies. The PFP team also modelled Theory U in their facilitation and demonstrated how to use the tools. For me it is also about dosage – the more I immerse in Theory U, the better I understand it and can apply it more meaningfully in my personal and work life. Although U Lab has a massive and diverse virtual community, it does not compare to the face to face and real time interactions which helped in engaging with Theory U and forming connections beyond the program. PFP was a worthy investment and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested.”
~  Sharon Munyaka, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Asia Pacific Presencing Foundation Program 2018 Partners

The 2018 Asia Pacific Presencing Foundation Program is being offered by the Presencing Institute and hosted by the Centre for Social Impact at The University of Western Australia.

For any enquiries, please email: