The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation are offering $4 million in funding over the next two years for innovative programs that prevent or reduce harm from gambling for at-risk populations across Victoria. 

Project objectives need to align with at least one of the following six streams of funding:

  1. Interrupts the normalisation of gambling.
  2. Builds social connectedness and community resilience, to prevent the onset of at-risk gambling behaviours.
  3. Reduction of stigma in terms of gambling harm and help seeking.
  4. Work with a range of professionals to build understanding of gambling as a public health issue, and support available.
  5. Builds the capacity of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) organisations to prevent and respond to gambling harm.
  6. Expansion of funding for projects that have demonstrated excellence.

Grant applications are open until 14 March 2017. Learn more at:

Interested parties are encouraged to attend two upcoming workshops facilitated by Doing Something Good:

  • Preventing Harm From Gambling Unconference on Monday 20 February, and
  • Innovation in Service Design Workshop on Wednesday 22 February.

> Find out more and register at: