VicHealth Innovation Challenge – Alcohol:
Discovery and Insights Forum

VicHealth wants to see a better drinking culture in Victoria. One where people can say no to a drink when they feel like stopping and where drinking to get drunk isn’t seen as acceptable or normal.

> Almost half (46%) of all Victorians drink in a way that increases their risk of injury, with this rising to two-thirds (67%) for young people aged 16-29.
> Alcohol-related harms requiring police or medical attention appear to be increasing in Victoria, with hospitalisations involving alcohol up by 33%
> Alcohol is one of the top 10 avoidable causes of disease and death in Victoria.

It’s no wonder that over ¾ of Australians think alcohol is a serious issue facing our community. VicHealth thinks it’s time to do something about it.

The VicHealth Innovation ChallengeAlcohol-SM

VicHealth have just launched the Innovation Challenge – Alcohol in search of bold new ideas for campaigns, programs, services and other initiatives that help change Victorian drinking culture by either:

1. reducing the amount Victorians drink, particularly those who already drink heavily, or

2. increasing the acceptability of saying no to a drink, or drinking a bit less.

The most promising submissions will receive a share of the Innovation Challenge investment pool of $300,000 to test their ideas over the following 12 months.

VicHealth are looking for ideas to come from:

  • not-for-profits organisations
  • healthcare service providers
  • entrepreneurs
  • changemakers
  • the private sector
  • universities
  • the youth sector
  • the mental health sector
  • behaviour change specialists
  • design professionals
  • the alcohol harm reduction sector
  • local councils
  • social marketers
  • You

VHInnov PA Rapid Prototype 1Stages of the Challenge

There are three stages of the Challenge:

Stage 1 – Entry into the Challenge and submission of a Video Pitch;
Stage 2 – Development of a Business Model; and
Stage 3 – Presentation to an assessment panel


Monday 13 October VicHealth open for pitches to be submitted
Monday 20 October Event #1 – Innovation Challenge: Alcohol Discovery and Insights Forum
Wednesday 5 November Event #2 – Innovation Challenge: Alcohol Ideas Jam
Friday 21 November Closing date for submissions
Monday 24 November (week of) Top submissions will be shortlisted
Monday 1 December (week of) Shortlisted submissions notified, develop business canvases
 Monday 12 January Shortlisted submissions will present to a final assessment panel
Monday 19 January Successful submissions announced

You can read more about the VicHealth Innovation Challenge – Alcohol and how to apply here.

Your Invitation

world cafe 2Doing Something Good are working with VicHealth to help those interested in taking on the challenge, and others keen to join them, to develop their big ideas and build their capability to make a real impact.

If you’re interested in submitting an entry for the Innovation Challenge, or you’re keen to learn more and maybe join another team, we invite you to join us for two big events we’ll be running over the next two months.

At the Discovery and Insights Forum, and the Ideas Jam, you (and your team) will have the opportunity to attend presentations and participate in workshops where you will get to:

> explore key trends and identify opportunities
> discover socially innovative initiatives and approaches already making a difference
> develop an understanding of the needs and motivations of your target audience
> help you develop your pitch and design a prototype
> learn about and apply the principles and practices of design thinking and Lean Startup to develop and test your idea

For those that make the shortlist, we’ll also work with you in a special workshop to help you develop an innovative business model for the assessment panel presentation. To learn more about other upcoming events for the Innovation Challenge – Alcohol, subscribe for updates on the VicHealth website.

Innovation Challenge – Alcohol: Discovery & Insights Forum, Mon. 20 October

Help shape a better alcohol culture with VicHealth and Doing Something Good at the Innovation Challenge: Alcohol – Discovery & Insights Forum on Monday 20 October.

We’re bringing together researchers, healthcare providers, changemakers, venue owners, youth workers, service design professionals, social entrepreneurs, policy makers, behaviour change specialists, and representatives from organisations working on youth and mental health issues, and student services at Melbourne universities.

At the Discovery & Insights Forum, you will have the opportunity to hear from thought leaders, pioneers and innovators from diverse disciplines and sectors to develop a shared understanding of key issues and their impacts, and gain insights in to current approaches – success and failures. We’ll also discover socially innovative initiatives from across Australia and around the world, and work together to map out challenges and opportunities.

The conversations we document and the insights that are captured will be compiled and shared with all participants. Online engagement will be a feature, with an invitation to join a dedicated VicHealth Innovation Challenge online network and theme related content and conversation happening on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using hashtag #VHInnov.


The Program

The Forum program is designed to give participants the opportunity to connect, learn, exchange useful information and provide a space for conversations that matter. The format incorporates innovative methodologies including World Café and Open Space with an opening keynote presentation and 10 Lightning Talks throughout the day.

Lightning Talks are seven minute talks intended to inspire new ideas, catalyse conversation, spark insights and ignite action.  At the forum day we’ll have two rounds of Lightning Talks where you’ll get to hear from ten speakers in total – a mix of thought leaders, community service pioneers, leading researchers and strategists, about how we might improve the drinking culture in Victoria, and approaches to developing and implementing effective solutions.

World Café is a simple and effective methodology for hosting large group dialogue. At the Forum you’ll have the opportunity to participate in two sessions of round table conversations with 4 or 5 fellow participants each sharing their own experience and insights. We will explore key issues and impacts, document challenges and opportunities, and build a shared understanding and common language. Learn more about the World Café methodology here.

Open Space Sessions are proposed and led by participants. In the afternoon there will be three rounds of participant led sessions, with four – five 40 minute sessions being run in each time slot – a total of 12-15 sessions. Early in the day we’ll open up a ‘market’ for participants to propose a topic and the type of session they would like to lead – it might be a presentation, conversation, workshop or planning discussion. Read more about Open Space Technologies here.

Confirmed SpeakersAOTIP Jan Owen LT 1

Confirmed speakers for the Innovation Challenge – Alcohol: Discovery & Insights Forum include:

> Dr Michael Livingston, Centre for Alcohol Policy & Research – the big picture on alcohol consumption and its negative impacts
> Prof. Mike Reid, RMIT – on media and messaging for problem drinking interventions.
> Inspector Dale Huntington, Victoria Police – on the impacts of our current drinking culture and past and present interventions to address them
> Dr Sarah MacLean, Centre for Alcohol Policy & Research – on young people’s differing perceptions and alcohol consumption behaviour
> Dr Nicholas Carah, University of Queensland – on how alcohol brands influence popular culture
> Sarah Saunders, VicHealth – on social marketing campaigns and changing behaviour
Victoria CullenSquareweave – on UX (user-experience design) and behavioural economics
Mark Stone, Australian Drug Foundation – on the Good Sports program: supporting sporting clubs to change their culture and reduce high risk drinking
> Rodger Watson, Designing out Crime Research Centre – on applying design thinking to environments to change behaviour

Monday 20 October 2014
9:00am – 5:00pm (registration open from 8:30am)

Grand Buffet Hall, University of Melbourne
2nd Floor Union House
Building 130
Union Road, Parkville

Information on getting there can be found here.

This community event is an initiative of VicHealth, facilitated by and designed in partnership with Doing Something Good. We believe that good ideas come from connected minds.

For the latest news on the VicHealth Innovation Challenge – Alcohol, including information on our next event, go to and subscribe for updates. To join the conversation online, on Twitter follow @VicHealth and @DoingSomeGood; on Facebook like VicHealth and Doing Something Good – the hashtag for the Innovation Challenge is #VHInnov.